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Welcome to Be Informed Books crossword puzzle books.  If you are looking for a puzzle working challenge, to build your vocabulary, or simply enjoy working crossword puzzle books, you will find the puzzle books offered by Be Informed Books challenging and fun.

4th Grade Vocabulary Building Crossword Puzzles

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I have three children who are still in school, and like you, I also want my children to succeed in life. Our children’s success is what inspired me to write this book.

Research shows that the more vocabulary words an elementary student knows, the more likely he  or she is to do well in middle and high school.   Research also shows that there is a direct link between a student’s vocabulary and their reading comprehension skills.  Consequently, the more words elementary school students learn, the better readers they will be, and the more likely they will be good students in high school and successful as adults.

I became concerned when my daughter began to show difficulty with reading comprehension.  Her biggest problem appeared to be not knowing the meaning of many important words in her reading material.  In speaking with my daughter’s teacher I was shocked and disturbed to learn that with the new Common Core requirements, teachers don’t have the time to teach the definitions of words like they used to.  Instead, they are forced to concentrate on spelling and teaching a limited number of definitions. So I began to look for a way that parents can help their children learn the definitions of words so that reading is fun .   4th  Grade Vocabulary Building Crossword Puzzles  is the result.

Why crossword puzzles?  Well, admittedly I focused on Crossword puzzles because my daughter finds them fun.  But crossword puzzles are known to be a particularly effective learning tool because  they are an active learning activity that will engage your 4th grader in a fun and challenging way.  The 36 crossword puzzles in 4th Grade Vocabulary Building Crossword Puzzles will  help your 4th grader:

  • Master the 1008 4th grade vocabulary words that are nationally recommended for reading success;
  • Develop reasoning skills;
  • Improve spelling and dictionary use skills;
  • Develop word attack skills;
  • Improve the ability to tell the difference between similar words; and
  • Learn how to make inferences, evaluate choices, and draw conclusions.

Buy 4th Grade Vocabulary Building Crossword Puzzles today to give your child the best chance possible at being successful in school and life. And buy a second copy to add a challenge for your children by working the puzzles with them.

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Take A Break Crossword Puzzles – Volume 1

Cover Image from Take A Break Crossword Puzzles - Volume 1

Take a break from your busy day with fun and challenging crossword puzzles. Volume 1 of Take A Break Crossword Puzzles offers 50 15×15 symmetrical crossword puzzles. Not only will this Take A Break Crossword Puzzle volume provide you with many hours of fun, working these puzzles can help you improve verbal skills, practice problem solving skills, improve your vocabulary knowledge, and reduce stress. Some say that working crossword puzzles can even help prevent dementia. So pull up a chair with a beverage and snack, grab a pencil, and come see if you are up to the challenge of the 50 puzzles in Volume 1 of Take a Break Crossword Puzzles.

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